Smart Secretary™

Smart Secretary Smart Secretary™ is a software implementation of sophisticated algorithms for scheduling optimization and complex service booking. You choose your preferred criterion for your practice efficiency, and MediClick® will help you to fill-up you practice schedule accordingly. Every time you book an appointment, the system will provide you with a choice of time slots, prioritized according to the selected schedule fill-up strategy.

Currently, the following schedule fill-up optimization strategies have been implemented:

  • Find earliest available time slots for the chosen day
  • Find time slots that will give maximum choice flexibility to your clients
  • Find time slots that will maximize your schedule fill-up
  • Find time slots that will minimize the number of gaps

If your clinic's schedule fill-up strategy is not listed here, please contact us and we will make your proposed criterions implementation our priority.

Smart Secretary™ currently supports booking automation for the following types of services:

Multi-resource services
Services, which involve more than one resource (staff/equipment/room) and require simultaneous booking of those resources.
Multi-step services
Services, consisting of several stages, where each stage might require more than one resource (e.g., multi-modality services of an imaging lab)
Non-personal services (aka pooled resource services)
Services, which require certain number of resources of certain types, without naming the individual resources (e.g., an X-ray requiring a technician – any technician of the lab; or an operation requiring two nurses – any two – of the clinic).