MediClick®     MediBook™


1. What is MediClick®?
MediClick® is a web-based practice management system built to meet the needs of the healthcare and wellness practice of any size at an affordable price. MediClick® is available in one of the following four editions: MediClick® Standard, MediClick® Pro, MediClick® Expert and MediClick® Enterprise. Please read the detailed information to find out which edition suits your practice.
2. Who is supposed to use MediClick®?
Any healthcare provider, be it a solo practitioner (a massage therapist, a specialist, etc.), a clinic, a lab or a healthcare center.
3. I'm a gastroenterologist and all the services I provide are covered by a provincial insurance. Can I use MediClick®?
MediClick® has been designed using the open architecture standards. It means that any information stored in MediClick® can be easily passed to the third party system. In most cases, it will be possible to integrate MediClick® with the billing system you use to charge a provincial insurance.
4. I’m an acupuncturist and my services are paid either through benefits or by the client. Can I use MediClick®?
MediClick® Standard edition is an affordable solution for the service providers like you. If you don’t have a billing software, you can use MediClick® features that will help you with your bills processing. If you already have a billing software, in most cases it can be integrated with MediClick®.
5. I’m an administrator in a hospital. Can we use MediClick® to schedule our operating rooms?
MediClick® implements sophisticated algorithms for scheduling and booking of multi-resource and multi-step services (including multiple staff/rooms/equipment), as well as provides customizable reports for the use of your hospital’s resources.
6. I’m an owner of an imaging lab operating in two locations. Can MediClick® meet my scheduling needs?
MediClick® supports multi-location clinics. Login from anywhere and you can instantly see and manage all the information for the locations you choose: appointments, patient information, etc. You can choose to view a calendar of one location or multiple locations side-by-side.
MediClick® enables you to schedule multi-resource and multi-step services and meets the workflow of a standard imaging lab.
7. I’m an IT manager of a hospital. We already have 12 software systems using different technologies, including legacy ones. How can we use MediClick® in our environment?
MediClick® can be used independently to meet your needs in scheduling of outpatient flow management and reporting. It is designed using the open architecture standards and provides the HL7-based interfaces to the external applications, so it also could be integrated with the other systems you run.
8. I’m responsible for the information security in our community medical center. Is the information stored in your system safe and secure?
We protect information of our clients at several levels:

a. We store our hardware (servers) in a very secure data center.
b. We use enhanced networking features to improve security for internal communications between servers.
c. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for secure message exchange with all system users.
9. What happens with the information if I decide to cancel the subscription?
In case of the subscription cancellation we will keep all the information entered by the client for 6 months at least. This information can be retrieved by the client at any time during the subscription period or within 6 months after the cancellation.
10. Do you provide training for MediClick®?
We provide training for all editions of MediClick® product in several ways:

- Remotely (webinar)
- At the site of the client
- Through online chat
- By email

We also provide our clients with electronic and printed user manuals. Phone consultations can be given during regular business hours.
11. What is the process for the installation of MediClick®?
MediClick® does not require any installation, and this is one of the advantages of a web-based system. All you need is to open your Internet browser and login to the system with your user ID and password.
12. How is MediClick® supported?
Product support is included in SLA (Service Level Agreement). The support is provided either by phone or email.
13. Is it possible to integrate MediClick® with other software in our clinic?
MediClick® has been designed using the open architecture standards. It means that any information stored in MediClick® can be easily passed to the third party system. However, not all third party systems used in the clinics are open. The possibility of integration will be checked on a case-by-case basis.
14. How can I cancel my subscription?
Memberships automatically renew at the end of each membership term. This will ensure that your membership service is uninterrupted. You may cancel your membership at any time. You will still receive the full membership period that you have purchased.
15. Can I add phone reminders to any MediClick® edition?
16. How many users and schedules can MediClick® have?
There are no limitations to the number of users and schedules.


1. What is MediBook™?
MediBook™ is a comprehensive web-based software service that allows patients to book appointments with healthcare service providers online in a few easy steps.
2. Who is supposed to use MediBook™?
Healthcare providers (a solo practitioner, like a massage therapist or a specialist, a clinic, a lab, a healthcare center, etc.).
3. How MediBook™ works?
Healthcare providers set their available time slots, which appear on the Web. Patients choose the time slot and book appointments online.
4. I have an established and busy practice. How can I benefit from MediBook™?
MediBook™ can help you to improve the service of the current clientele, by letting them book their appointments online. That, in turn, will reduce the volume of calls to your clinic, and free your receptionist to more meaningful tasks. It’s a well-known fact, that last minute cancellations are hard to fill-in. MediBook™ can help you with that. Just post the time slot in the system, and let the new or existing patients book the appointment.
5. I’ve just opened a new practice. How MediBook™ can help me to build-up my practice?
By posting your available appointment time slots on the Web you tap into the pool of patients for whom the option to book online is a decisive factor in choosing their provider. Also, the ability to view the time options prompts more patients to book instantly, thus increasing advertisement-to-booking ratio. These two factors will bring new clients to your practice.
6. I’m an admin of a website with a directory of clinicians. How can I benefit from your service and from having your button on my website?
Partnering with us will create an additional source of revenue for your business. Above that, you will automatically increase the value of your listing to the users, as there are not many listings with this feature for now. That, in turn, can bring more traffic to your website.
7. I’m a dentist and I want to promote my practice on the Web, but I don’t have a website. Can I use MediBook™?
You don’t have to have a website in order to use MediBook™. We can add a button to the directory, where your contact information is listed. If you are interested in having your own website, we can provide you with affordable services through our partnership with Goldeye-Media. Please contact us for the details.
8. I’m a veterinarian and not exposed to human healthcare. Can I use MediBook™ for my services?
MediBook™ can accept virtually any type of appointments. Your practice certainly can benefit by using MediBook™.
9. I’m a patient. What are the benefits of MediBook™ for me?
Do you like booking flights or tickets to a show online? MediBook™ brings you the convenience of online booking for your healthcare appointments. You can conveniently choose the date and time you prefer and book an appointment fast and easy.
10. How can I get help with using MediBook™?
Please refer to our Support page.