MediClick® Overview

    MediClickMediClick® is a web-based practice management system built to meet the needs of the healthcare and wellness practice of any size at an affordable price. The product includes the following features:

  • Appointment scheduling and booking
  • Multi-channel appointment reminders (email, phone)
  • Screen for today’s appointment management
  • Appointment processing
  • Multi-staff/multi-resource and multi-location calendar views
  • Searchable patient, services and staff directories
  • Document management
  • Multiple settings options
  • Various patient-centric and practice management reports
  • And much more ...

  • MediClick® is available in one of the following four editions: MediClick® Standard, MediClick® Pro, MediClick® Expert and MediClick® Enterprise. Please read the detailed information to find out which edition suits your practice.

MediClick® Plus: Upgrade Features

You can upgrade any MediClick® edition with the useful features any practice needs! We offer the following features:

Phone reminders

Forget about wasting hours on calling your patients to remind them about the upcoming appointments. Set the reminder options when you book an appointment and the patient will receive a phone call, made automatically and using our – not yours! – phone infrastructure. Now your receptionist is free for more meaningful tasks!

Phone bulk messaging

Do you need to let all your patients know that your clinic will be closed for the next few days? Will a vaccination start in a week? Set your message and it will be delivered to all the patients of your clinic by phone. Fast and easy.

Multi-location scheduling and booking

Do you work from several locations? This feature is just what you need. Access your schedules at all locations from any place that has an Internet connection. Now that is something you can call mobility!

MediClick® Editions

MediClick® Standard

Need an affordable practice management system?
MediClick® Standard provides you with a comprehensive set of features, that allow you to quickly book, view and manage appointments, view and upkeep patient directory, create and edit documents, and generate patient-centric and practice management reports. Features Comparison or Demo.

MediClick® Pro

Does your practice need sophisticated scheduling?
MediClick® Pro includes all the features of MediClick® Standard with the addition of Smart Secretary™ scheduling module. Smart Secretary™ technology implements multiple schedule fill-up optimization strategies and supports multi-resource services (those requiring more than one staff/equipment/room). View Features Comparison or Demo.

MediClick® Expert

Does your practice provide complex, multi-step services?
MediClick® Expert was designed with your needs in mind. It supports scheduling workflow that deals with high complexity of your scheduling requirements. Typical example of a multi-step services practice is a diagnostic imaging lab with multi-modality services, where each modality requires its own set of staff, rooms, and equipment. MediClick® Expert is highly customizable. Please call us to learn how we could adjust the product to meet your specific needs. View Features Comparison or Contact Us for the solution that suits your practice.

MediClick® Enterprise

Do you see your practice as a part of a larger healthcare community?
Want to receive electronic referrals from other providers or book external appointments for your patients?
MediClick® Enterprise edition is all about efficient collaboration. The system allows automated referral preparation with an accept/reject option, appointment booking at any participating external clinic, secure internal email communication and all that in addition to the rich functionality of MediClick® Expert. Please Contact Us for the customizable solution that suits your practice needs.